Replacing a building door? Building a new home? There is a lot to consider when you select your doors. The complete line of Doors offered at Maxx Security will need every need you have, whether commer [...]




Maxx Locksmith has a large selection of safes to choose from for any of your security needs. Each safe has its individual qualities and our knowlegeable technicians can help you find the best safe sui [...]


Desk and File Cabinet Locks


Safety of people and goods often commands keeping certain items behind locked doors. At home, it is recommended to keep medication, alcohol or chemicals in a cabinet equipped with a lock, while you wi [...]

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Mailman Key Keeper


Key keepers are a secure unit that allows the US Postal Service access a building in order to deliver the mail. The key keeper unit holds a front door key or is program to activate the door buzzer. Ma [...]

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Mailbox Locks


Maxx Locksmith carries a wide variety of mailbox locks. Whether your mailbox is exposed daily to the elements, is a very old and hard to find lock or simply lost your key, we have the product you need [...]

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Doors Closers


Door closers automatically close doors in buildings and apartments after doors were used for entry or exit, or in the case of automatic closers, after doors have been left open for a specified length [...]

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Panic Bars


Panic bars include emergency exit devices. Panic bars may also have an alarm hook up, so that an alarm is triggered when the exit bar is pressed. Maxx Locksmith & Security carries the top brands t [...]

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Exit Devices


Many commercial doors utilize exit devices, which is a vertical bar strike plate that is installed on the interior side of a door. The bar is pressed to release the lock, allowing the door to be pushe [...]

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Commercial Locks


Although similar in many respects, commercial locks that are designed to fit your business, office or store often fill other needs than home locks, and are therefore different in terms of size and fun [...]

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Keyless Locks


Keyless entry systems utilize a variety of locks, which can be activated in various manners. Although keyless entry systems are primarily used for business environments, keyless locks are also availab [...]

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