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Property Management

Property managers have too much on their schedule to be thrown off track by a problem with the security at a building. Maxx Locksmith & Security Co works with many property managers, and we fully understand your needs. We are available 24/7 to help with broken doors and break-ins, broken interco [...]

Corporate Accounts

Maxx Locksmith & Security Co offers businesses the products and services they need as well as a partnership they can count on. As a full-service security business, we at Maxx Locksmith & Security Co understand the importance of fitting your security systems monitoring and maintenance expense [...]

Commercial Building Security

We understand the security challenges faced by property managers dealing with multiple companies within their building. There is no doubt that you need to have a unified method of maintaining a safe environment. Maxx Locksmith & Security has experience working with commercial customers to set up [...]

Residential Building Security

Maxx Locksmith & Security has a extensive experience providing products and service to residential apartment buildings all across Chicago. A residential property manager has a wide range of security and safety responsibilities, so partner with us for experienced solutions. Our residential buildi [...]

Restaurant Security

Restaurant chains as well as single-location restaurants rely on Maxx Security to provide them with the products they need, such as locks, doors, cellar doors, drop-off and standard safes, iron gates, and master key systems for multi-location customers. We also install or service cctv surveillance s [...]

Bars and Night Clubs

Late night bars, sports bars, karaoke bars and night clubs all rely on Maxx Locksmith & Security Co to provide them with the security products they need such as locks, doors, exit devices and from basic to highly advanced surveillance systems. Our expert service team handles installation and ser [...]

Construction and Renovation Upgrades

Maxx Locksmith & Security works with Chicago contractors on new construction and renovation projects. We can help you lock down prices for the security end of the bidding process. Once your project begins, count on us for our years of experience and product knowledge. Often when you are working [...]

New Development Integrations

Maxx Locksmith & Security has partnered with local contractors and developers so we can offer you low prices for the security end of your bidding process. When you are awarded a contract, Maxx Locksmith can help with any security issues that may arise during the process of the project. Our servi [...]

Banks and Financial Institutions

Banks and financial institutions have high security risks, and therefore they rely on the use of security systems with sophisticated technology. Under no circumstances can you allow for poor system performance. Maxx Locksmith & Security Co can walk you through the latest offerings in cutting-edg [...]

Schools and Universities

Educational institutions are always concerned about student as well as teacher safety. Maxx Locksmith & Security perfectly understands the security systems required to provide safety to schools and universities. If you are looking to assess your security systems we can help with system inspectio [...]

Hotels and Hospitality

The hospitality industry has extremely unique needs in terms of security and safety. Maxx Locksmith & Security works with each hospitality customer on a one-on-one basis to make sure these needs are met. We provide products for individual hotel rooms such as deadbolts, locks, and room safes. On [...]

State and City Facilities

Maxx Locksmith & Security provides tailored solutions for state and city government needs. Building access safety is of primary concern to government facilities. We excel at Keyless Access Control systems. Speak to one of our technicians about the different types of access control systems availa [...]