Keyless entry systems utilize a variety of locks, which can be activated in various manners. Although keyless entry systems are primarily used for business environments, keyless locks are also available to consumers for residential use, for example digital keyless and keypad deadbolts and mortise locks.

Keyless and Electronic Keypad Deadbolt locks do not require a key, they work with the keypad by entering a security code to unlock, which can be set and re-set as may times as desired. They are commonly used as door locks for both residential and commercial buildings. Maxx Locksmith offers many types of keyless deadbolt locks, including mortise, cylindrical locks as well as wireless keyless deadbolts and knob locks. What’s the difference?

Mortise locks are a part of the door lock and cylindrical locks are installed by being cut into the door. Both have cylinders which fit into the door rim to prevent it from opening. In addition to these locks, there are three primary types of keyless lock systems: biometric recognition, digital keypads, and remote controlled burn fob-activated locks. Biometric door locks contain a scanner to identify a person by their fingerprint, retina, or hand shape. The lock releases if the scan matches access data. Digital Keypad locks have analpha-numeric buttons or screens where people will enter codes to gain access. Security codes can be maintained by the user, or in commercial settings they are generally given out with specific access or restrictions. Keyfob Activated Locks are locks that allow access to a building or a door when a fob card or token is waved in front of the lock. When the fob card is near the lock or the button is pressed, the door lock is released. Key fobs can be used as a stand-alone unit to gain entry into a building, or it can be incorporated into a building-wide system, where access can be permitted or restricted at certain points.

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