Although similar in many respects, commercial locks that are designed to fit your business, office or store often fill other needs than home locks, and are therefore different in terms of size and function. Keeping cash, valuables or important documents in a safe place, limiting employee access to sensitive rooms or areas, and locking expensive equipment or tools, are important aspects of commercial security. Maxx Locksmith & Security will help you choose from the top of the line locks. Business owners often install strong and heavy doors in their establishment, a factor which should be taken into consideration when you purchasing locks. Mortise and cylindrical locks are just as popular for commercial use as they are for residential use. High security locks, manufactured by such leading brands as Mul-T-Lock and Medeco are suitable for your office doors as well as for drawers and cabinet doors. You may opt for a master key system.

As a business owner, it is more about security: a master key grants you control over all keys and rooms in your store or company. An increasingly popular device in places of business is the interchangeable core, a small “figure-eight” shaped lock cylinder, which you can extract from one type of lock and put into another. The only tool required to make this switch is a control key which your locksmith will provide upon purchase. The interchangeable core enables business or store owners to change locks without a locksmith or special locksmith tools. If you need padlocks, it is recommended that you buy the commercial grade type, as they are heavier and more appropriate for office doors and cabinets. Heavy duty cross bar locks guarantee that no intruder will break into your establishment or sensitive areas.

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