Panic bars include emergency exit devices. Panic bars may also have an alarm hook up, so that an alarm is triggered when the exit bar is pressed. Maxx Locksmith & Security carries the top brands to fit any commercial, residential or industrial application and meet any lock system requirement. Panic exit equipment is mandatory for a lot of businesses and certain residential buildings throughout Chicago. Also called panic devices, crash bars or panic bars, these devices serve a primary function, to allow a quick and simple exit for anyone inside a secured area, while keeping unauthorized persons out. People who are exposed to a panic situation must be able to easily find and operate the hardware, to allow for egress. The exit hardware must be designed, installed and maintained to perform correctly in emergency situations.

Exit bars are installed to be used for safety and security in many public place buildings such as: shopping malls, hospitals, theaters, dance clubs, restaurants and more. Reasonable reactions such as where to go, what door to exit through, and how to operate the door can save lives! We supply and install all exit doors, panic exit devices such as panic bars, exit door signs, automatic door closers, door lights and all door hardware as well as repair and maintenance of all hardware.

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