Maxx Security has a wide selection of access control systems, from simple residential locks, to magnetic locks, remote control single door access systems to advanced biometric reader access control systems, elevator restricted systems and others. Some of the access control systems utilize a programmed card reader device and digital cards, also known as digital keys, which allow or restrict entry throughout a building. The cards also provide a timestamp information about who enters and leaves the building. In commercial buildings, employees are given cards uniquely assigned to them which is programmed to provide access to specific areas of the building. Depending on what area they work in, certain rooms or sections of the building will not permit access. Take a look at our Keyless Access Control product offerings to learn more about the types of keyless access products that can be included in the design your system.

For residential apartment buildings, the same principles apply. Residents are given individual cards that are programmed to identify the person and provide building access. For buildings with common rooms such as lounges, pools, or gyms, these areas would be accessible with any card, but they provide security as people without a card cannot gain access. Maxx Locksmith & Security offers the best quality card access systems. The brands we offer include: Keri Systems, Honeywell, ICT, Geovision, Rosslare, and more! Please contact us with any questions and for a free estimate for any access control system you need from one door at your business or residence to 50 story high rise buildings.

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Contact us for information and a free estimate on a state-of-the-art keyless access system or check out our products offerings. Maxx Locksmith proudly serves customers throughout Chicago including all suburbs.