About 15 years ago anyone but a few privileged and governmental institutions could afford to purchase a night vision camera surveillance system, but nowadays, any CCTV kit will almost systematically include cameras with a low light capacity. The IR surveillance cameras are capable to make good use of the latest infrared technologies, both passive and active, depending on the range needed and the budget allotted to your CCTV installation. The infrared cameras use a IR illuminator made of several red LED lamps, usually installed around the lens of the camera itself. The red LED lamps may give a low glow red light, lit a large area in the IR color field, invisible to the human eye, but largely enough for the infrared camera to capture the image of any visible object placed in it’s field of view.

As an added advantage, all modern LED IR illuminator are build in the camera itself and uses the same 12v power supply as the camera, thus allowing for fewer cables, significant savings in energy consumption and less problems while troubleshooting. Maxx Security uses for installations and upgrades only commercial rated modern CCTV systems, power supplies and the latest product offerings in infrared surveillance cameras that are compatible with state of the art digital CCTV systems that can potentially be remote controlled, monitored over the Internet and broadcasted to a cell phone.

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