Keyfob Access Systems


A key fob is a small token or device that has been programmed to allow access to a building or door. This technology has a number of uses. It’s not only used for building and garage access, but also t [...]

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Card Access Systems


Card access systems are designed to provide maximum security with ease-of-use. These systems utilize a programmed card reader device and digital cards, also known as digital keys, which allow or restr [...]

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Keypad Access Control


Access control solutions are many, but vary in efficiency and durability. Depending on the specific access control need you have, different levels of protection can be applied to protect a specific ar [...]

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Magnetic Locks


Doors can use electromagnetic locks, which consists of a plate that is attached to the door frame and a magnetic plate that is installed on the door. When the two components connect, the door is locke [...]

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Cloud Based Systems


What is cloud computing? Cloud computing, often referred to as “the cloud,” utilizes a network of hosted servers to store, manage, control and process data. When you access an application on your phon [...]

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Remote Access Management


Whether your security system manages one building or a more complex property development, you may choose remote access management to process the information collected from your reader devices. System [...]

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Wireless Stand Alone Locks


When you implement a keyless access control security system, you can set up wireless standalone locks that allow program-controlled access when identification is provided. Entry can be provided at a b [...]

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HVR Hosted Remote Recordings


Cloud camera monitoring utilizes Surveillance Cameras and webcams to gather recorded data and store it in the cloud. The storage system provides you with a flexible way to access the information gathe [...]

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Wireless Cameras


Depending on the type of security system you’re installing, you may want to use flexible wireless cameras that connect to your computer network. The benefit of wireless cameras is that you can install [...]

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Vandal Resistant Security Cameras


Nothing is more frustrating than investing in a high end CCTV system and see this investment rapidly disabled, destroyed or even stolen, because the necessary vandal proof measures have not been taken [...]

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