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Maxx Locksmith provides 24/7 emergency lockout service for cars and trucks. Our skilled technicians will be dispatched to get the car opened quickly.
If your car door lock isn’t working properly it’s important to take care of it right away so that you don’t run the risk of theft and to prevent future car lockout situations. To get help fast, please contact us today. We serve customers across Chicago, including Evanston, Skokie, Oak Park, Park Ridge, Niles and more.

Our certified technicians will open any car door lock in a zip, and replace or upgrade any car door and car trunk lock according to your needs and budget.

Car Security Facts

  • The estimated combined value of motor vehicles stolen nationwide is approximately $7.6 billion
    – 72.8% of all vehicles stolen were Automobiles
    – 26.5% of arrests for motor vehicle theft were of juveniles (under the age of 18)
    – 59.9% of those arrested for motor vehicle theft were under the age of 25
    – 82.9% of arrests were males
    – a motor vehicle theft occurs in the USA every 3 seconds
    – February had the least amount of motor vehicle theft recorded

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